107 Self Care Ideas to Boost Your Happiness in 2023

Self Care Ideas

You are not your job, you are not your family, you are not your possessions. At the end of the day, you are all that’s left. So why not make yourself as happy and fulfilled as possible?

We’ve all heard this advice before, but what does it mean? How can we do more self care ideas every day and become our happiest selves? This post has 107 answers for you.

Reading this blog post is the first step on the path to a better life. With 107 Self Care Ideas to Practice and Boost Your Happiness in 2023, there’s something for everyone. You’ll find exercises to help with relaxation, diet and exercise, relationships, career satisfaction, and more.

Read this post today and start living your best life!

What Are The Best Self Care Ideas?

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1.) EFT

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an incredibly powerful yet gentle one of the self care ideas.

It is based on the understanding that emotional energy in our bodies can be blocked and manipulated to help us develop emotional and physiological balance, enabling us to move through emotional discomfort with ease.

2.) Therapeutic Journaling

self care ideas

Why not make morning journaling your new morning routine?

Therapeutic journaling is a powerful self-care practice that can be used to ask yourself meaningful questions, reflect on your experiences, and take control of your well-being.

With morning journaling, you can create healthier thoughts and feelings by having the opportunity to express yourself without fear or judgment.

3.) Hypnotherapy

Have you ever experienced the powerful transformative power of hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy allows us to experience moments of self-care that are just as profound—if not more so.

Turning within ourselves, we can tap into a reservoir of deep relaxation and relaxation techniques that help us gain a greater understanding of ourselves.

4.) Biofeedback

Biofeedback helps us physically track and understand emotional states, we can take action to move toward feeling regulated and emotionally stable.

Biofeedback helps us gain mindful control over our mental and physical state so that feeling stress no longer has such a hold on us.

5.) Shift your attention to the positive

Instead of focusing on our misfortunes, let’s choose joy by smiling at the world around us and viewing every challenge as an opportunity for growth.

To me, living mindfully means shifting our attention away from doubt and generating energy through optimism, gratitude, and inner peace.

Taking time to get curious about yourself and look inward can be a fantastic way to foster mental well-being.

6.) Meditation

Research shows that the practice of meditation can be a powerful tool for self-care.

By meditating, you can create moments of stillness and reflection. This allows for greater clarity in our thought processes, research has also shown that it reduces stress, improves concentration, and even enhances relaxation.

7.) Mindfulness

Mindfulness, which involves anchoring yourself to the present moment and reflecting on your experiences with awareness, can help bring balance and reduce reactivity when life’s situations can seem overwhelming.

Adopting this practice into your daily routine could be the key to achieving peace and tranquility despite whatever setback may come up!

8.) Grounding/Earthing

That’s right – no need for fancy sign-up fees or extra running around; just head outside and get your feet connected to the ground!

As well as feeling immediately grounded and relaxed, regular earthing can reduce fatigue and anxiety – not to mention helping to reduce stressors such as electromagnetic fields.

What are you waiting for? Get those toes wiggling in some grass today!

9.) Yoga

Whether you prefer to do yoga at home or take a yoga class with an experienced yoga teacher, you’re sure to get the same great benefits.

It’s a natural way to boost your mood and bring balance into your life.

With yoga, you can also increase flexibility, strength, and stress relief – hello relaxation!

10.) Streamline an area of your life

Streamlining is one of the direct link self care ideas.

Streamlining helps to regain focus, clear the mind and free up space for creativity and productivity.

Think of it as a mini reset button – when you feel things are getting too chaotic, simply streamline!

11.) Qi Gong/ Tai Chi

Qi gong is an amazing way to feel calm and in control of your journey through life.

Not only can it help you feel better physically, but mentally as well; one of the self care ideas that goes deep.

It’s so much more than just aligning your ‘qi’ with the world around you, although that’s a great start.

Practicing qi gong unlocks about a thousand other doors to relaxation.

12.) Sleep

We lead hectic and stressful lives, so it’s important to take a step back and treat ourselves to some restorative shut-eye.

Nurturing your mind and body with enough sleep can help you stay healthy, productive, and focused on reaching all your goals.

13.) Eat Something Nourishing

Eating nourishing food is one of the simplest and most enjoyable self care ideas.

Taking time to prepare a favorite meal can bring a sense of contentment and satisfaction to our lives – it’s easy to show yourself, love when you’re whipping up a delectable dish that not only tastes great but is beneficial for your body and soul.

14.) Hydrate

Being good to your body is always important and water is key when it comes to staying hydrated.

A water bottle should be your best friend, whether you’re at work, home, or even on the go: it will never let you down!

Incorporating water into your daily routine is a great way to feel healthier and happier. So don’t forget – stay hydrated and take care of yourself!

15.) Balance your mind-body connection

Who knew that something as simple as taking a break and acknowledging your thoughts could make such a difference toward general well-being?

This connection gives us access to understanding what tension stops us from feeling good and how we can identify it within ourselves.

16.) Visit a Friend

Believe it or not, taking time with friends can make a world of difference when it comes to self care ideas.

Good company is often better than anything else for those looking for some TLC.

Spending quality time with friends can be the best medicine for anyone hoping to revive their spirit and tend to their mental health.

17.) BreathWork

Breathwork is a breathing technique proven to reduce stress, regulate emotions, and improve general well-being.

This simple practice can seem like a silly suggestion in the face of monumental stress, but it’s worth trying for skeptics and believers alike.

18.) Sauna

Sweating isn’t just for workouts and long days outside, it can also be great for defying the signs of aging and giving your health a boost.

Taking some time to sit in the sauna is an easy way to show yourself some love and gain the health benefits that it offers, such as increased circulation and relaxation.

Whether you heat it on occasion or give up your bathroom space to have one permanently installed, using a sauna as part of your regular self-care routine is surely steam-tastic!

19.) Sensory Deprivation Tank

A sensory deprivation tank may be the solution for regaining overall well-being.

This curious invention provides a controlled environment that helps people feel as if they are in outer space, without any distractions from their normal life.

So next time a stressed-out moment arises, take it upon yourself to try something different by adding some isolation therapy into your routine and experience true tranquility.

20.) Go for a Walk

Going for a walk is one of the most underrated self care ideas.

It’s so simple and requires only fresh air, comfortable shoes, and enough time to enjoy it.

So grab those sneaks and head out the door; by doing a little walking, your whole outlook on life can change!

21.) Keep a Dream Journal

Sleep has so many important physiological functions, yet too often it’s pushed aside in favor of being “productive.” But sometimes it’s more important to be kind to yourself and take some time to log your dreams each morning.

When you look back at them later, not only can they remind you of the weird forgotten places your mind goes to while asleep, but also become an emotional outlet for releasing anything that has built up throughout the day.

22.) Declutter

self care ideas

One of the best self care ideas is decluttering; you’d be surprised at how therapeutic it can feel to sort through your belongings and clear some mental and physical space.

Don’t be afraid to take on a daunting task like decluttering – your home and well-being will thank you for it!

23.) Take a Shower

Taking a morning shower can be one of the most invigorating self care ideas.

We recommend sipping on your morning coffee while you take the plunge for the best effect!

Not only does it allow you to refresh and recharge, but it also gives you time alone to truly switch your mindset from sleep mode to work mode (or whatever mode happens to fit with your day).

24.) Soak Up Some Sun

It’s no secret that after a day of dealing with work stress and everyday hassles, taking deep breaths in the sunshine can become your best form of medicine.

It’s like drenching yourself in vitamin D and it’s free of charge!

25.) Have an Orgasm

Self care ideas look different for everyone, but one of the most pleasurable ways to pamper yourself is having an orgasm.

Not only does it feel great in the body and release a surge of happy hormones, but it also can help reduce stress and clear your mind.

If you’re feeling a bit down or just want some extra ‘me time’, indulging in some self-love has proven itself to be one of the most effective self care ideas out there. It truly is a win-win situation: body, mind, soul — all taken care of!

26.) Laugh/ Watch a comedy or standup

Laughter truly is good for the soul! We’ve all heard the saying, “laughter is the best medicine,” and that couldn’t be more true.

Studies have even proven that laughter can stimulate hormones that give us a good boost of energy, help reduce stress levels, and aid in fighting off depression.

So if you’re ever feeling down in the dumps, why not watch some hilarious comedies or find some stand-up comedy online – they never fail to bring on the chuckles!

Make sure to include laughing as part of your self-care routine; it could be just what your mind needs for good mental health!

27.) Go on an Adventure

Going on an adventure can be a great choice from the self care ideas, particularly if you’re pushing the worries from life to the back burner.

Experiencing new sights and sounds, stepping out of your comfort zone, and learning something new all help to build up your resilience for tackling whatever life throws at you.

So whether it’s backpacking, camping in nature, or even just exploring a neighboring city – sometimes the best way to look after yourself is to go on an adventure!

28.) Learn Something New

Learning new skills can be a great way to experience self care ideas, particularly if you choose something that stimulates your mind.

Learning a new language is a fantastic example of this; not only do you gain new knowledge and increase your skill set, but it’s also proven to give your brain an excellent workout.

Plus, the boost of confidence from mastering a new foreign tongue is sure to bring any positive mental vibes – all the better for some serious self care ideas!

29.) Make a special hot beverage

Taking a few moments for yourself can make all the difference in surviving and thriving in life, which is why treating yourself to a special herbal tea could be exactly what you need to refuel your tank.

Whether you’re searching for something soothing or spicy, tea provides an easy way to take a time-out, not just physically but mentally too.

Its therapeutic flavors and aromas can help you tune out technology and tune into yourself — so don’t hesitate to make that herbal tea, because self-care matters!

30.) Find a Forum of like-minded people to connect with

When life throws you a curveball, support groups can be lifesavers.

Taking the initiative to set aside time to find this support could make all the difference between feeling weighed down by your worries or building a support network to lighten your mental load.

So, don’t be afraid to try something out of the ordinary – who knows, you might surprise yourself with how helpful connecting with others can be!

31.) Use a Weighted Blanket

Not only is cuddling up under a blanket the definition of cozy, but studies have proven that using a weighted blanket can reduce stress hormone cortisol levels in adults!

So if you’re feeling worn down, show yourself some love and invest in an extra layer of cozy stress relief. You won’t regret it!

32.) Get in the Water

Self Care Ideas

Whether you’re a total fish, or someone who rises more slowly to the surface of the water – like an anxious bubble bath-er – getting in the water can be one of the best choices from the self care ideas.

Not only is it a great way to relax and destress, but swimming or bobbing around can boost your mood and increase your physical health too!

Dive in, friends!

33.) Create Art

Creating art is a fantastic way to show self-love.

By grabbing some paper and pencils, crayons, or paints, we can create a unique piece of art that expresses our individual view of the world around us.

Plus, scientifically speaking, creating art has been shown to reduce the abundance of stress hormones like cortisol and activate those associated with happiness like serotonin.

So next time you’ve had a long day, grab your tools from yourself care ideas and see what masterpiece you can create.

34.) Digital Purging

Digital purging is one way to show yourself some TLC and make sure that you are only filling your screens with information and people who add value to your life.

Unfollowing groups or people who aren’t as well-aligned with your values can be a liberating experience, freeing you up to navigate the online world at your discretion.

Cleaning out old notifications, organizing files, and uncluttering digital workspaces can provide an unsurpassed sense of accomplishment – so make sure to carve out some time in your schedule for full-screen purging once in a while!

35.) Say No

We live in a world where it often seems easier to say yes than no when faced with responsibilities, whether they be for others or our well-being.

Learning how to respectfully decline is crucial for own personal balance and peace of mind – with fewer obligations, there is more time for the important tasks and activities that contribute to your own self care ideas.

36.) Read a Magical Book

Reading a magical book may not be the typical means of self care ideas for older adults, but perhaps it should be!

Undoubtedly magical powers are also useful in helping restore a sense of awe and wonder to older adults’ lives.

So grab your wand and pick up that magical book – you don’t need spell books to try some enchantment!

37.) Unplug

It’s time that we all unplug from social media and learn to embrace the real world around us as an option for self care ideas.

No social media “detox” is complete without unplugging from the never-ending cycle of stimulus and comparison for some time.

After taking a social media break (cue dramatic music) you’ll find that said break not only energizes you but also installs some much-needed peace into your everyday life.

38.) Get Your Hands Dirty- Garden

Gardening is truly a feel-good activity capable of transforming bad days into great ones!

With some quick digging and planting, you can create a pleasant oasis that soothes the soul just with its sight alone.

Whether it’s tending to flowers, herbs, or fruits – when you sit in your garden and watch nature work its magic in front of your eyes, it puts bad days in perspective.

39.) Practice Gratitude

One great way to practice gratitude is through a gratitude journal.

Think of three different things you’re grateful for each day or week, jot them down in your gratitude journal, and feel those positive vibes flowing!

It may not seem like much but research shows it can do wonderful things for your well-being.

40.) Rearrange The Furniture

Nothing says “I’ve got this” quite like an endorphin-filled exercise session!

Whether running on the treadmill or hitting your local yoga class, exercise is a surefire way to get those mood-boosting serotonin levels up and running.

So when life has you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out – exercise on!

41.) Manage Your Finances

Money matters are rarely seen as fun, however, managing your finances can be an incredibly rewarding pick of the self care ideas.

Whether it’s budgeting your monthly income or planning for emergency expenses, having a handle on your finances will help free up time and mental energy, leaving you available to focus on all the other important things in life.

Plus, experiencing satisfaction due to achieving financial goals will make a profound difference in how you move through the world!

42.) Listen to an Audiobook

A great new podcast or new amazing novel read aloud can truly help lift your spirits.

Whether you’re in the mood for some comedy one day and mystery another, there’s something out there for everyone!

So if you’re feeling down, grab your headphones (or your Bluetooth speakers!) and dive into the new worlds that are only a few clicks away.

43.) Doodle

self care ideas

It doesn’t require any special skills or training, just a pen, and paper – who says self care ideas have to be complicated?

Whether it’s calming down after a stressful day, expressing your creativity, or just critically thinking as you draw out an idea, doodling is sure to bring some joy into your everyday life.

44.) Go to a Local Event

It’s not always in our nature to take time out of our hectic schedules to do something nice for ourselves but one really simple way to do that is to attend a local event, be it musical performances, festivals, or just plain old gatherings.

Attending a local event is an easy and enjoyable way to get out of your home and the same daily routine and connect with the community– trust me, it’s rejuvenating!

45.) Bake

Spending time measuring ingredients and following the recipe is a soothing activity to break away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.

Plus, the warm aroma of freshly baked goods while they are in the oven can instantly lift your mood.

So crank up some tunes, grab your apron and spend some quality time with yourself – baking as a choice of self-care ideas is just one delicious choice you have.

46.) Embrace Slow Living

Rather than rushing through life, slow living encourages us to take a step back and savor it.

Adopting this lifestyle can reduce anxiety and leave you happier and healthier than ever before.

You don’t need to become a minimalist monk overnight—just take things one step at a time until you achieve the balance that works for you.

47.) Make Freezer Meals

Having delicious home-cooked meals prepared in advance means that all the effort has already been done – no more grocery store emergencies at 9:00 pm.

Take some time off from binge-watching and binge-cooking instead – it’s easier on your emotional state, as well as your pocketbook!

48.) Eat a Peach, Plum, or Something Juicy

Taking time for yourself and your body is so important for overall well-being, but what better way to do this than with a succulent piece of fruit?

When eating a juicy, ripe piece of fruit – whether it’s an apple, pear, or mango – there is something incredibly satisfying in taking a break from the hustle and bustle to nourish your body.

49.) Research your Ancestry

Not only does it provide a much-needed break from our overstimulated world but it also acts as a gateway to discovering new and exciting things about you, your family, and the people who’ve come before you.

Tracing your ancestry can help you develop better relationships with yourself and others, so don’t be afraid to give it a try – who knows what surprises lay in store?

50.) Call a family member you miss

Self care ideas don’t have to be complicated – sometimes, a good old-fashioned chat with an old friend is all you need!

Making the effort to reach out and connect with those we love not only warms our hearts but also helps maintain good mental health.

So pick up that phone and show your loved ones some extra love this week.

51.) Cloud gaze/ Star Gaze

Taking a few moments each day to look up at the sky and recognize how vast it can be both calming and grounding.

All of the sleep we need is right up there in those twinkling stars and fluffy clouds – nature’s sleep aid!

So, don’t be shy about taking a few minutes for yourself and staring out at the horizon.

52.) Roast a perfect marshmallow

There’s nothing quite as soothing as nature, and there’s no better way to spend a peaceful evening in nature than roasting the perfect marshmallow.

The sensory experience of feeling fire and warmth from the campfire, taking in the nature around you, and the aroma of a perfectly toasted marshmallow fills up your emotions.

Plus, getting that golden brown look on the outside but with a molten gooey center that just melts in your mouth is simply divine!

Beyond being an enjoyable choice of the self care ideas, it’s a delicious one too.

53.) Buy someone a thoughtful gift

self care ideas

One of my favorite self care ideas is buying someone else a thoughtful gift: an unexpected item for somebody I care about always gives me a boost that lasts for days.

Whether it’s a book I think they would enjoy or a trinket that reminds me of them, it has the same effect—a luminous feeling deep inside because I get to spread joy.

54.) Make a collage or vision board

There’s something about taking the time to think about what we want in life, and then creating a visual reminder of our goals and dreams that can be nothing short of transformative when it comes to self care ideas.

So go ahead — permit yourself to create a tangible representation of the life you want — you won’t regret it!

55.) Clean your car

Imagine, being able to hop into a gleamingly clean car and feeling proud – this can give you an extra boost for the day ahead.

So don’t forget about cleaning those pesky carpet mats and giving those cup holders some much-needed TLC; these actions will give you a feeling of accomplishment that lasts long after the chore is complete.

56.) Reorganize your purse or bag

Take everything out, assess what you want to keep, what you want to get rid of, and how it should be organized.

You’ll probably experience instant relief as soon as you’re done, plus less frustration when looking for something in the future!

57.) Take a Class

Self care ideas are always important, and there’s no better way to listen to yourself than by taking a class!

Taking a class means focusing on things that bring you joy and improving skills that add value to your life.

Make sure to listen carefully both to your teacher as well as what your body and mind need: a balance of both makes for the best self-care routine.

58.) Start a Supplement Routine

Fueling your body with vitamins and minerals that it’s lacking helps boost energy levels, sharpen focus, and supports overall physical and mental health, so start taking steps towards better health today!

59.) Buy new underwear

How about investing in new underwear as choice of self care ideas? We all have those old, holey underwear that has seen better days—so why not get yourself some new, luxurious intimates and make sure you feel your best every day?

60.) Minimize Regrets

More often than not, we agonize over the things we wish we had done differently throughout our lives.

We regret our decisions and the remaining time spent worrying won’t do us any favors.

Taking steps to minimize regrets is a great choice for self care ideas – if something isn’t worth your regret later, it’s probably not worth doing now either!

Live intentionally with the thought that anything you look back on shouldn’t be saddled with regret.

61.) Make a playlist

Choose your favorite songs that inspire you, pump you up, and make you feel happy.

It’s like setting an intention for your day – pick songs that remind you of your best times and fill your heart with peace.

Invite some friends over and have a dance party to get into the mood of treating yourself!

62.) Start Therapy

Therapy is one way to truly take ownership of our mental wellness and should be recognized as a best choice of self care ideas.

When we invest in dedicated sessions with mental health professionals, it strengthens our inner resilience and teaches us valuable skills for dealing with mental and emotional struggles.

Therapy provides a unique opportunity for individuals to work through mental battles to discover their potential for personal growth and find greater clarity.

So make sure to book your appointment today!

63.) Protect your energy

As a well-known energy protocol goes.. protect yo’ self!

Practicing self care ideas involves taking the necessary steps to ensure well-being. One of those steps is protecting your energy by limiting your exposure to situations and people that prevent you from feeling secure and well-balanced.

Understanding how our energy works in the context of how it interacts with the world around us is key – recognizing when something or someone drains us, and learning when to disconnect can be a profoundly important option of the self care ideas we should all prioritize.

64.) Learn About Your Astrology Natal Chart

You can find out all the details from discovering what sun sign you are to learning how the placements of your other planets in the sky can influence your personality and life.

With a bit of exploration and some practice, getting to know your astrological chart can be an exciting new way of looking at yourself that can offer fresh care tips and ideas.

So don’t stress – take a peek at what secrets (both good and bad) may lie within you!

65.) Learn about your human design

Learning about your human design is a brilliant way to choose self care ideas.

Not only will it help you understand who you are and what makes you unique, but it can also provide some creative care ideas to help you align with your energy flow.

What better way to give yourself some care and feel empowered than exploring your human design?

66.) Take an enneagram test

The Enneagram is a great way to get acquainted with your fundamental desires and fears so you can better understand yourself.

Whether you approach it as a fun challenge or an enlightening journey within yourself, it’s sure to be worth exploring!

67.) Take the MBTI test

The MBTI test is a great way to get to know yourself better – to understand your main preferences and personality traits.

Plus, it gives you an in-depth analysis of what these preferences mean and how they connect, giving you an even more comprehensive view of your character.

So take care of yourself by diving deep into discovering who you are!

68.) Write a letter to your past self

Through this form of inner child work, you can take yourself on an exploration through written words that reach back in time and unlock a part of you that may have been forgotten.

Not only is it an incredibly therapeutic experience, but writing a letter to your ex-self also helps provide perspective into who you are now and how far you’ve come.

So take some time and let the reflection begin!

69.) Let Something go

Carrying mental baggage can be a major drag; it weighs you down, takes up mental energy, and leaves you exhausted.

Take some time to clean off the dust and reassess what’s worth carrying on with — I’m sure there are plenty of mental deadweights that should have been left behind long ago.

70.) Close a loop

Taking the time to close loops and finish cycles can be one of the most underrated self care ideas around.

It’s such a wonderful feeling when you’re suddenly released from carrying around the burden of all those unfinished tasks and thoughts that have been weighing you down; you can finally rest and relax, knowing that all your loose ends have been tied off.

So if self care ideas like splashy bubble baths and sipping expensive teas are starting to feel mundane, give closing loops a try – satisfaction is guaranteed!

71.) Write down your values

Writing down your values is not only an engaging list of self care ideas, but it also has other great benefits.

Not only does the process encourage self-reflection and insight, but jotting your values down allows for clarity of thought and a better understanding of who you are and what direction you want to move forward in life.

72.) Change your mind

Learning to be okay with changing your mind is a powerful choice of self care ideas, allowing you to create space for the possibility of something new.

Instead of feeling stuck and obligated to a certain path or decision, it’s okay to take some time out, reassess your priorities, and choose something else if it makes sense!

This kind of willingness towards change can keep you fresh, nimble, and ready to face the uncertainties that life throws at us with grace. So go ahead – change your mind – no judgment here!

73.) Dance

self care ideas

Taking the time to move your body to the beat helps break up mundane tasks and gives you a dose of well-deserved joy.

Whether it’s bopping around the kitchen while cooking dinner, getting down with the vacuum cleaner, or cutting a rug in the living room when no one’s watching – no dance experience required – taking the time to get your groove on is sure to give you a much-needed pickup and provide lasting mental benefits.

74.) Create a photo wall

By personalizing a wall with photos that mean something to you, it offers intimate self care ideas and experiences.

And once you complete your photo wall, it’s guaranteed to bring a sense of serenity and happiness every time you take a look at it.

75.) Purge your beauty products

It’s time to get ruthless in your beauty routine and you don’t need anything but determination.

Not only will you feel wonderful decluttering, but your skin will thank you too! So go ahead, start tidying up and reclaim some of your bathroom real estates – you won’t regret it!

76.) Spend time with animals

Whether it’s going for a walk with your pup, stopping by the local animal shelter, or even just giving your body some much-needed rest on a nature walk, there are plenty of ways to include animals in your self-care routine.

Spending time around animals can bring us a sense of comfort and have positive benefits on our bodies both physically and mentally.

77.) Replace negative self-talk

It’s time to practice a positive option of self care ideas by replacing that negative self-talk with positive affirmations!

Yes, it sounds cheesy and sometimes hard to believe but positive self-talk can be beneficial towards increasing our confidence and improving our overall sense of well-being.

78.) Set Boundaries

Think of how much more you could accomplish in life if you could focus on the projects that truly mattered to you without worrying about getting caught up in helping others only want but don’t truly need.

This can help keep your stress levels low and avoid unnecessary sleepless nights filled with worrying.

Give yourself permission to relax and remind yourself that it’s okay to say no sometimes.

Notice the positive changes happening inside of you when you set positive boundaries for yourself!

79.) Go Foraging

Why not try something new and wild? Going foraging – the practice of searching the countryside for edible plants or fruits – can put a refreshing twist to self care ideas.

Unlike other self care ideas, this one allows you to get in touch with nature: Enjoy the fresh air, spot colorful wildlife, and learn about plants that are safe to eat in the wild.

Once you’re back at home with your loot, challenge your cooking skills as you experiment with recipes created from all the mushrooms and berries you found!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore the wilds of self care ideas!

80.) Do Something kind

Taking the time to spread goodwill for others can be a great choice of self care ideas and mental health pick-me-up.

So go ahead and reach out with thoughts of kindness and comfort; you may just find yourself emerging with a renewed sense of purpose along the way.

81.) Change your sheets

Why not keep sleep sacred by offering your body some self care ideas by regularly changing your sheets?

Make it a part of your weekly routine and enjoy the added mental clarity that follows from feeling fresh and relaxed after a good night’s sleep on clean sheets!

82.) Apologize differently

From the self-absolving power of the classic “I’m sorry” to the self care ideas merit of refusing to apologize at all, navigating how and when to express apologies is a complex and ever-changing self care ideas strategy.

It often helps to practice different self care ideas depending on the situation: perhaps tapping into your creative side or engaging in mindfulness activities like guided journaling or yoga can help you come up with an apology strategy that suits your individual needs.

Self care ideas are not a one size fits all kind of thing, so adapt as necessary!

83.) Do Something Spontaneous

Do Something Spontaneous!

Do something you wouldn’t normally do for yourself as a choice of self care ideas.

Go on – live out of your comfort zone and plan nothing but cherish every moment of this unfamiliar encounter. You won’t regret it!

84.) Eat the frog- Do the hardest thing on your to-do list

self care ideas

Feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list is one of the worst places to be, so why not do yourself a much-needed favor and start with the most intimidating task?

When it comes to confidence, nothing beats starting something off with a strong finish. You don’t need medals or awards for it either – there is no better feeling than crossing off that daunting task on that never-ending to-do list!

85.) Join a club

Using self care ideas as an excuse to join a club might not seem like an obvious choice, but it’s still one of the best self care ideas out there.

After all, making new friends and engaging in activities that you love are always going to make you feel invigorated and relaxed at the same time.

It sounds like just the ticket for self care ideas success and with so many clubs available, there’s sure to be something out there that suits your interests.

So don’t hesitate, put on your brave face, join a club and reap the self care ideas benefits!

86.) Start a blog

Not only does blogging give a sense of purpose and satisfaction, but it can also provide an outlet to get active about social or political issues close to your heart.

So what are you waiting for — blogging may just give you something back in ways you’d least expect.

87.) Volunteer

Yes, you read that right: serving your community and others is good for you!

Not only does participation in volunteer activities provide a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, but connecting with different charities also allows volunteers to gain new perspectives outside of their day-to-day lives.

88.) Make food for someone else

Cooking for someone else as a choice of self care ideas that often gets overlooked.

It is a purely selfless act of self-love, a way to demonstrate your commitment to caring for others and yourself.

It’s one of the best self care ideas that offer something in return: the time taken to prepare a meal and the pleasure of delicious dishes shared.

89.) Go to the farmer’s market

Whether you’re an avid home cook or just looking to partake in the comings and goings of a good old-fashioned bazaar, there’s no time like the present for treating yourself with a morning or afternoon meander around the market.

Who knows: You might even end up picking up a few interesting items from purveyors you never knew existed!

90.) Try something new

There are so many ideas out there, so the possibilities are endless.

We all tend to get stuck in our routines so patching up those often monotonous moments with something interesting could be just what you need to spice things up.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to take the plunge and see where it leads you!

91.) Have a game night

Game nights can provide lots of laughter, stress relief, and quality time with the people you care about most, making it the perfect choice self care ideas and activity.

So gather up some snacks, crack open that game box you’ve been holding onto for years, and get ready to be entertained – it’d be a game over if you don’t give it a try!

92.) Birdwatch

From the peaceful, calming environment of nature to witnessing a new bird species for the first time, birdwatching has an abundance of benefits that could give your mental health a much-needed respite from the woes of everyday life.

Whether you need to escape for an hour or a day, there’s no better way to reset than stepping outside and letting yourself get lost in some feathered friends!

93.) Go on a hike

self care ideas

Not only will it give you physical benefits, like strengthening muscles and keeping your physical health in check, but it can help with mental well-being too.

The fresh air and sounds of nature can be just the thing to clear your head and get some perspective.

So if you’re feeling stuck in a rut, why not lace up those shoes and go explore? There’s no better excuse than self care ideas!

94.) Host a potluck

All you have to do is invite your friends over, give each person something simple to cook or prepare in advance and relish in the rich assortment of flavors that follows.

My friends and I love to do ice cream parties, brunch potlucks, taco nights, and BBQs.

So, why wait? Gather your pals and get cooking; after all, there’s no better way to beat the heat than with delectable dishes shared by loved ones!

95.) Balance the 5 areas- social, spiritual, physical, intellectual, and emotional health

Where can we start when it comes to balancing our five areas of health? We must first build a strong base of self-love and appreciation to progress in any healthy domain.

Spiritual health allows us to connect with faith or practice that brings us joy and comfort.

Social health requires that we connect with others, share experiences, and create meaningful relationships.

Intellectual health reminds us to be aware of our thoughts, challenge ourselves academically, and strive for growth.

Physical health encourages us to move our bodies regularly to prevent chronic illness, stay fit, and thrive.

Lastly, emotional health asks that we observe how we feel about ourselves and daily occurrences; face our true feelings instead of running away from them or masking them with destructive habits.

An even balance of all five can lead to improved mental clarity and significantly greater well-being overall – which is truly the very definition of self care ideas!

96.) Improve a relationship

Whether it’s reconnecting with an old friend, reigniting a spark in your romantic relationship, or trying to patch up a strained dynamic in the family, improving a relationship can be an effective form of self-care.

It’s all about self-maintenance: fill your emotional tank, feel more connected, and come home feeling happier and more fulfilled.

97.) Take Accountability

It might sound daunting at first, but taking responsibility for how we narrate our lives allows us to look back at our successes and challenges to cultivate an attitude that fosters growth and self-awareness.

Plus, it sure beats finding someone else to blame!

Learning how to take accountability isn’t always easy, but with dedication and practice it can do wonders for both your physical and mental well-being.

98.) Say yes to yourself

Sometimes, people forget that showing yourself kindness can improve happiness too!

Even if it’s something as small as letting yourself sleep in a little bit of splurging on that guilty pleasure show – in the end, your heart knows what you truly need to be happy and content.

So don’t be afraid to say yes to being your own best friend and permitting yourself to enjoy life!

99.) Identify your triggers

It’s important to take a step back and examine yourself and your environment to observe what sets off negative feelings, thoughts, or behaviors.

Whether it’s a certain person, a specific activity, or even the time of day – being aware of these triggers is vital for you to put self care ideas into action.

Not only may you save yourself from experiencing unhelpful emotions and behaviors, but self-care efforts may also help to reduce stress and promote better self-awareness in your life – something worth self-triggering if you ask me!

100.) Learn your barriers to critical thinking

An important aspect of self-care is being aware of how we think.

Taking the time to identify the barriers that can prevent us from critical thinking, and maybe even limit our potential, can empower us to reach new heights.

Facing our cognitive flaws can be uncomfortable, but it’s necessary to work that can help us become more effective and efficient thinkers.

Plus, who knows – You might be pleasantly surprised at what you learn about yourself!

101.) Grow your emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence isn’t about hiding or burying emotions, it’s about becoming aware of them and being gentle with yourself as you communicate them properly.

Not only will this journey allow you to center yourself amidst chaos but also help develop healthier and more meaningful relationships with those around you.

102.) Process your emotions

Reflecting on our feelings is not only important for our mental well-being, but it also provides an opportunity for self-growth and understanding that can put us in better control of ourselves.

So take some time out of your day to give yourself a “mental massage” – it’ll do wonders for you!

103.) Have a hard conversation

Our mental health is often reliant on our ability to express ourselves and having those constructive (and sometimes confrontational) conversations can give us an outlet for the things that are bothering us.

It’s easy to hide from tough topics but facing them head on will help us grow and overcome any anxieties we have surrounding them.

So while hard conversations may not always feel “easy,” they are certainly more beneficial than avoiding them – after all, as the saying goes, no pain – no gain!

104.) Learn from your mistakes with self-compassion

self care ideas

Self-compassion is a self-care practice that involves learning from your mistakes to encourage growth.

It means being kind to yourself instead of beating yourself up for every misstep you make.

When you make a mistake instead of mulling over it endlessly, take time to reflect on the situation in an objective manner and identify what steps you can take next time to better handle the difficulty.

Ultimately, self-compassion is a self-reflective tool that gives us wisdom and teaches us how to broaden our outlook and become better humans.

105.) Practice radical acceptance

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself gives your inner critic a rest and learn to accept things as they are.

Achieving perfect happiness may not be realistic, but striving for contentment is an act of kindness that pays off in the long run.

Radical acceptance can be surprisingly freeing!

106.) See who you are based on your actions not who you want to see yourself being.

It’s easy to want to paint a self-portrait of who you aspire to be and leave it at that, but self-care is all about self-awareness – which takes more effort.

Instead of relying on idealized visions of your future self, focus on self-care by staying in tune with who you are in the present moment.

Take note of your habits, emotions, and behaviors: these offer a much more precise reflection of who you are than any image or ideal.

Accepting yourself as you currently are is an important part of self-care: embracing both the good and the bad will help lead to personal growth and peace of mind.

So don’t shy away from self-reflection: jump in headfirst and embrace opportunities for self-discovery – it could be just what your self-care routine needs!

107.) Give and receive

Some prefer to please others, opting for giving to the point it disrupts their well-being, whereas some might lean towards only taking and never giving anything in return.

Practicing moderation in both aspects opens many growth opportunities.

When you give to others, focus on the act of generosity itself rather than the outcome.

Receive with appreciation the kindness directed at you so that others are encouraged to do more of the same.

It is incredibly important to remember that there is no shame in either ‘giving’ or ‘receiving’, when done thoughtfully they can both benefit your quality of life!

List of Self-Care FAQS

What are the 4 pillars of self-care?

Self-care is an important part of self-esteem and often feels like a balancing act between all the demands in life. Many people think that self-care involves only four pillars, but there are seven essential self-care practices: intellectual, emotional, physical, environmental, spiritual, recreational, and social. Implementing self-care strategies into your daily life will help you stay emotionally balanced so you can program yourself for success. Making self-care a priority might just be the ticket to living your best life!

What is a good daily self-care routine?

A good daily self-care routine should be non-negotiable. It’s important to take the time to do something that brings us joy, benefits our bodies and minds, or simply provides us with some extra TLC (Tender Loving Care). Whether it’s eating a healthy breakfast, going for a run, or doing your favorite hobby for an hour; you don’t have to do too much – just make sure to squeeze something in. To whoever needs this reminder: your daily self-care routine is non-negotiable, no excuses!

Why self-care is key to success?

Being successful these days requires a really important part of self-care, both physically and mentally.

It’s not just as simple as working hard and wishing for the best – topping up your knowledge, taking out time to relax and exercise, drinking lots of water, and getting enough sleep are all essential pieces of the puzzle too.

Failing to take care of yourself limits your ability to get things done right, meaning that there is no chance of achieving long-term success.

Self-care is vital to becoming the best version of yourself so that you can excel – because without it, ambition will only take you so far!

Now Its Your Turn

To end, remember that self-care is about setting manageable goals that you can achieve daily.

It may seem challenging to do at first but with time and practice, it will become easier and more enjoyable to incorporate into your life.

Everyone deserves to make time for themselves without feeling guilty or selfish – your health and well-being should be the number one priority!

Start small, set clear intentions, and always follow through with your exercises.

To support you on your journey and provide helpful insight along the way, please follow my blog so I can continue to guide you as you progress in taking care of yourself first. All the best wishes!

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