5 Best Home Neurofeedback Therapy Devices of 2023

neurofeedback therapy

Looking for a top-rated neurofeedback therapy device?

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Our list of the 5 best home affordable neurofeedback therapy devices is based on expert reviews and consumer feedback.

Whether you’re looking for a neurofeedback therapy device to help with ADHD, anxiety, or stress, we’ve got you covered. 

All of the neurofeedback therapy devices on our list are top-rated and affordable. 

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Read on to view our list of the 5 best home affordable neurofeedback therapy devices!

How Does Neurofeedback Therapy Work?

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neurofeedback therapy is a brain-bending approach to getting your brain back on track and functioning efficiently. 

This brain-based therapy works by measuring brain wave activity to identify areas that aren’t working quite right and seeks to improve them through brainwave self-regulation techniques. 

Fascinatingly, neurofeedback therapy has been found to have beneficial effects at all stages of brain development, which means it can be used by all ages! 

The result is the better focus, improved moods, and enhanced creativity – what’s not to love?

Benefits of Neurofeedback Therapy

neurofeedback therapy has been taking the world by storm, with many brain scans and brainwave neurofeedback therapy sessions helping to boost brain function and alleviate mental health disorders. 

The benefits of this technology are immense; clear thinking, improved focus and concentration, more relaxed states, and greater organizational abilities are just a few that come to mind. 

Additionally, neurofeedback therapy can help with brain-related conditions such as substance use disorders, PTSD, depression, and anxiety. 

All in all, neurofeedback therapy is an incredibly helpful tool that offers a multitude of positive effects for patients everywhere!

The 5 Best Home Neurofeedback Therapy Devices

1.) Muse

The Muse headband is a brainwave-sensing eeg neurofeedback device that helps users track their meditation and sleep cycles. 

The device pairs with an app to provide real-time feedback on the user’s brain activity, giving them insight into their progress and helping them stay focused during meditation practice. 

The Muse 2 model is designed specifically for meditation, while the Muse S model provides both meditation and sleep-tracking capabilities and can help those who suffer from sleep disorders. 

The app also offers mindfulness courses and a community where users can find support from fellow meditators.


The main pros of using the Muse headband are its effectiveness, scientific backing, and ease of use. 

Studies have shown that using this device can significantly reduce stress levels and improve brain performance, and overall well-being. 

It’s also incredibly easy to use – just pop on the headband and let it do its thing. 

Furthermore, there is a large community of users who offer support for those who want to learn more about meditation or just need someone to talk to about their experiences with the device.


On the downside, some users have reported issues with Bluetooth connectivity which can lead to gaps in tracking data or complete disconnection from the app. 

Additionally, while it’s great for people who are new to meditation, more experienced meditators may find that it gets too easy after a while since there are not many advanced features available. 

When you consider all that has been mentioned above it’s worth it in my opinion!

Cost: $249.00-$409.9


2.) Reflect Orb

The Reflect Orb is a powerful neurofeedback therapy tool to help people consciously alter their lives for the better. 

Using a combination of sensors and lights, this device reads signals from the user’s fingertips to accurately measure the current state of stress or anxiety. 

The orb then reflects a colored light depending on the reading like a neurofeedback therapy style mood ring!

This allows users to easily recognize and understand their level of stress with just one look. 


With this tool, individuals can gain helpful insights into how their mind works and what needs to be altered for positive results. 

In addition, the device allows its users to track their progress in achieving personal goals, providing real-time data that can be used as metrics. 

Furthermore, the optional Reflect Orb app makes tracking even easier, while also allowing users a more unplugged neurofeedback experience.


Holding an orb during meditation can be uncomfortable and even awkward for some people. 

The constant pressure to keep their heads and hands at a certain angle can become increasingly uncomfortable over time, potentially leading to tension or discomfort in the wrists, shoulders, or neck. 

It is also possible that some people will find it difficult to concentrate on their inner selves and neurofeedback therapy while they are holding something else in their hands. 

Cost: $169

3.) Sens.ai

Sens.ai is an innovative, personalized neuroadaptive system that helps users achieve improved cognitive functioning and mental well-being in a non invasive way. 

It combines three state-of-the-art neurofeedback therapy techniques – Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Neurofeedback, and Photobiomodulation – to create a powerful, holistic solution for managing stress, improving cognition and attention, and enhancing relaxation. 


A unique aspect of Sens.ai is its ability to continuously monitor the user’s biometrics and adapt the neurofeedback therapy accordingly to ensure maximum efficacy in the most efficient manner possible. 

It has a full 3 step process (brain mapping, cognitive training, neurostimulation) that gives you a full brain personal coach all in one wearable device. 

This neurofeedback therapy technology also provides insight into patterns of behavior that are indicative of mental health issues or potential causes of distress. 


One potential downside to Sens.ai is its current limited availability, as it is only in the preorder phase and available in only limited quantities. 

Additionally, it can be an expensive investment; while this might be worth it for people who are committed to using neurofeedback, those just beginning to explore the technology may have difficulty justifying such a high cost. 

Cost: $1195

4.) Myndlift*

Myndlift neurofeedback therapy is an innovative telehealth service designed to provide a personalized treatment protocol. 

With the help of a neurofeedback therapy coach and interactive games, users can rewire their brains and adjust the program during live virtual sessions with the coach. 

Through its ongoing monitoring of clients’ progress and regular updates from the neurofeedback therapy coach, users can track their progress over time. 


This service provides a fully interactive experience with the innovative Muse headband, which means you’ll have access to all Muse has to offer as well as Myndlift. 

The platform’s user-friendly interface allows for easy tracking of your mental health journey with detailed analytics that provide insight into how different activities are impacting your overall well-being. 

Its research-backed! 

A peer-reviewed study was recently released that proves the efficacy of remote neurofeedback systems and the positive impact they make on mental health.

Myndlift’s comprehensive support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions and provide guidance to ensure maximum success with the program’s exercises and techniques. 


Firstly, the signup process is quite lengthy and complicated, often putting off potential users. 

It lacks cost transparency which can leave people in the dark about what they’re signing up for. 

Additionally, customer service is often reported to be slow with long wait times between inquiries and responses. 

Cost: ???

5.) NeuroOptimal

The NeuroOptimal Neurofeedback system is an advanced neurotechnology that utilizes the user’s natural learning processes to achieve optimal brain activity. 

If the cost were not a barrier, I would have put this system in the number 1 spot! leasing, renting, and financing are available in some capacity.

As they watch a movie or listen to music, they receive feedback through their audio-visual senses regarding their brain activity and how it relates to their chosen media. 

This feedback allows them to make adjustments to achieve the optimal level of activity required for cognitive functions such as problem-solving and focus. 


The NeuroOptimal Neurofeedback system is the gold standard of neurofeedback training, offering users a comprehensive, medical-grade solution. 

It uses a non-linear neurofeedback therapy system that might resonate better for neurodivergent individuals, and create more desirable results for neurotypical linear thinkers. 

The brain is the one doing the work rather than the product, so the results are exponentially beneficial regarding future growth as the skills are happening with the brain rather than with it.

This system comes complete with either a tablet or laptop, depending on your budget, and is the most proven method of neurofeedback therapy available. 


The NeuroOptimal Neurofeedback system can be a prohibitively expensive option for some due to its high price point. 

Furthermore, the neurofeedback therapy sensors need to be applied with a gel paste, which may be uncomfortable or difficult for users to put on correctly. 

Cost: $7,495-$10,495 with leasing and financing options available

neurofeedback therapy

What to Consider When Choosing a Device

Choosing the neurofeedback therapy device that’s right for you can be a challenging, yet rewarding endeavor. 

Your treatment plan and budget should be your primary considerations when deciding which neurofeedback therapy device is best for you. 

Decide what form will be most comfortable for you, map out your treatment needs, determine what type of technology will serve them the best, then consider whether or not it’s within your budget. 

With those steps in mind (and considering the power of neurofeedback therapy) you’ll soon find yourself plugging into a device designed specifically with your personal needs in mind!

Wrapping up The Best neurofeedback therapy Devices…

All in all, brainwave activity is an important part of brain health. 

neurofeedback therapy devices have enabled us to take a more holistic approach to our brain health and overall well-being, bringing us one step closer to reaching our full potential. 

Thankfully, it no longer needs to be expensive as there are many affordable home neurofeedback therapy devices available for people of any budget and lifestyle. 

With the right neurofeedback therapy device, we can harness our brain waves and bid farewell to haphazard brain functioning.

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