Best Ice Bath Tub To Get Chilly With It In 2023

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The longest recorded ice bath was 3 hours and 28 minutes.

But don’t worry, you can still get amazing benefits and NOT do that.

The ideal time for a beginner is about 3 minutes.

Pairing ice baths with a home Sauna is *chefs kiss* THE BEST!

With an ice bath tub from this list, you can get all of the benefits of cold water immersion therapy without having to go to a spa or clinic.

Plus, the ice barrel options are designed to keep your water cold for longer, so you can get the most out of your treatment.

Keep reading to find the right Ice barrel for muscle recovery below!

What Is An Ice Bath Tub?

An Ice Bath Tub is an incredible way to reduce swelling, reduce pain and even increase healing.

It’s been used for centuries by athletes and bodybuilders alike for muscle recovery after a grueling workout.

The barrel or bath tub is filled to the brim with ice and icy water, allowing athletes to bathe their aching muscles in the cold water.

It works by waking up nerve endings and numbing them out at the same time, giving you a sort of relief on both ends of the spectrum.

It also helps immediately flush out toxins that have built up during exercise as well as improving circulation in the affected area.

So if you’ve ever wondered ‘What Is An Ice Barrel Or Ice Bath Tub? You now have your answer!

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Ice Bath Tub?

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An Ice Barrel or Ice Bath Tub is a great way to aid in the recovery of your muscles from intense workouts.

Theres a TON of proven benefits of using an ice bath.

Those who exercise often, such as athletes and bodybuilders, will benefit greatly from cold therapy by reducing inflammation in their muscles after a workout session; this helps reduce pain and soreness, allowing them to continue their day-to-day activities with less discomfort.

Furthermore, cold therapy also helps reduce stress levels while improving circulation throughout the body, providing a much-needed break from the rigors of daily life.

Not to mention that it can help improve sleep quality and energy levels during the day! 

For those who deal with chronic pain or certain medical conditions such as arthritis, lupus, or fibromyalgia; Ice Bath tubs can provide relief from swollen joints and inflammation by providing cooling relief to affected parts of the body.

Cold therapy can also help people recover faster from sprains, strains, or even minor fractures due to its anti-inflammatory properties which help speed up healing time.

In addition, it can assist in postoperative recovery too – aiding in reducing swelling and bruising as well as helping minimize scarring in some instances. 

Overall, using ice baths for muscle recovery provides multiple benefits including but not limited to reduced inflammation levels throughout the body; decreased stress levels; improved circulation; better sleep quality; reduction in chronic pain symptoms; improved joint mobility; quicker postoperative recovery periods; faster muscular healing times amongst many more!

Don’t let yourself suffer through long-term pain any longer – grab yourself an Ice Barrel and feel the rewards instantly!

Molli Lou’s Marbles

The reason I started doing cold showers and ice baths with more intention is to help with inflammation. With Covid going around causing both short and long term inflammation, the additives in foods, and the stress happening everywhere, inflammation is a huge issue! It causes brain fog, and general ickiness. Dealing with inflammation is going to be important to find your baseline regardless of your goal in becoming a healthier happier human.

How To Use An Ice Bath Tub (And When To Use It)

To use it, simply fill the barrel or tub with ice water and submerge yourself below the waist or keep your shoulders underwater if using a full-body tub.

Keep in mind that temperatures should be around 59°F to better get the benefits of chilling.

It’s best to keep yourself submerged for at least 3 minutes as this will have a greater effect on recovery than shorter sessions.

What To Look For When Choosing An Ice Bath Tub Or Ice Barrel

If you’re looking for a way to recover from intense muscle fatigue and soreness, an ice bath tub is a fabulous choice.

But what exactly should you be looking for when choosing one?

My advice is to first make sure that it’s made of high-quality materials that won’t leak or break down easily – this means paying particular attention to the construction and sturdiness of the product.

You’ll also want to look for things like adjustable drainage levels, temperature control, and portability, so you can maximize your comfort while in the tub.

Finally, don’t forget about safety features such as nonslip surfaces, secure lids, and ergonomic designs to ensure you get the full benefit of ice baths without damaging yourself!

The 6 Best Ice Bath Tubs on the Market

Best Manual Ice Bath

Ice Barrel

The Ice Barrel is one of the easiest ice baths to use.

It’s an incredibly useful and low-maintenance tool for muscle recovery and improved overall health.

It is made sustainably and ethically, perfect for those up to 6’6”. The barrel can hold 105 gallons of water, weighing 55 lbs empty and 750 lbs when filled with water and ice.

Without a chiller needed, this Ice Barrel offers incredible ease of use.

Overall this is a great choice for those that want an option that’s reliable and low maintenance, has a reasonable price point and is an overall durable ice tub.

This durable ice bath also won’t deteriorate or fall apart if left unused for part of the year, unlike the ice baths that are more complicated.

It can easily be stored in a shed or basement in between uses with ease.

It’s old faithful as far as Ice bathing choices go!

This is the perfect choice for the person starting out and is totally overwhelmed with all the other technical things like chillers.

The biggest complaint when you don’t use chillers or is that you have to put your own ice in it.

For most people its really not that big of a deal, but keep that in mind when your deciding where to put it.

Cost: $1199.97/ barrel

$129.99/ maintenance kit

Best Portable/Inflatable Ice Bath

The Edge Tub

The Edge Tub portable ice bath is an ideal choice for athletes who are looking for a quick and convenient way to cool down after a hard workout.

Its fast 3-hour cooling and heating cycle makes it easy to chill water quickly, or heat it right back up, all while filtering and sanitizing the water so it’s clean and safe to use.

The 15-minute setup also makes it easy to install the unit in any permanent space or as a portable inflatable tub option. 

With The Edge Tub, athletes can enjoy all these benefits without having to wait around for the water to cool down – they can simply set up the unit and dive right into an icy pool of cold water whenever they need it.

Portable ice baths like this are also great for traveling teams who want a convenient way to provide players with fast post-workout recovery sessions. 

Another great feature of The Edge Tub is its user-friendly design. All the controls are easy to understand, so athletes don’t have to spend too much time learning how to operate the machine.

It’s also designed with safety in mind, since it has a lid that locks in place, ensuring that no one gets injured if they fall inside. 

This makes it an excellent option if you have little ones like I do running around.

The Edge Tub also comes with filters specifically designed for use with pool and spa chemicals, so users can rest assured that their water is always safe and clean when using this device. 

Overall, The Edge Tub portable ice bath provides athletes with a quick and effective method of cooling down after intense physical activity while being highly practical when used as either a permanent or portable solution.

With its fast heating/cooling cycle, filter system, user-friendly design, and safety features – The Edge Tub is an ideal choice for athletes looking to enhance their post-workout recovery experience.

Cost: $4990.00

Best Budget Ice Bath

The Ice Pod 

The Ice Pod portable ice bath is an incredibly versatile product that helps reduce recovery time and can be used in any environment.

This lightweight, portable ice bath weighs just 7 lbs and is extremely easy to set up. It’s perfect for beginners as it’s not intimidating and its portability allows you to take it with you wherever you go. 

The ice bath can keep its temperature cold for up to 24 hours with the standard option, and 3-5 days with the pro option, which gives plenty of time between uses.

Its super portable, which allows you to take advantage of the benefits at home or out on an adventure without needing a large setup or bulky equipment – making it perfect for an adrenaline junky explorer type to throw it in the trunk of your car and take the path less traveled.

Cost: $120.00-$150.00

Best Splurge Ice Bath

BlueCube Mini-Me Cold Plunge/Ice Bath

The BlueCube Mini-Me Cold Plunge/Ice Bath is the perfect luxury ice tub for anyone looking to get the most out of their bathing experience.

Its energy-efficient design makes it ideal for both residential and commercial use, with no dedicated outlet required.

Its industrial-grade materials, made in the USA, make it one of the most reliable and durable products on the market.

With a 20-micron filter that is certified for drinking water, you know that suckers clean AF.

The O3 system used in The BlueCube Mini-Me Cold Plunge/Ice Bath is a natural, chemical-free disinfectant and oxidizer that ensures your bath has maximum protection from bacteria and other pathogens.

This system works by breaking down organic matter into harmless components making sure your bath remains safe and hygienic.

Plus, with no setup time required, you can enjoy a cold plunge almost immediately! There are 3 other tub options available on the website that are similar to this with varying sizes to choose from.

From its energy efficiency to its industrial-grade parts, there’s no doubt that this product will give you an incredible bath every single time.

Oh yeah, by the way, this is the brand Joe Rogan uses.

Depending on how you feel about Joe Rogan, This bad boy is either the best or worst ice chest on this list.

Cost: $15,999.99

Best Indoor Ice Bath

The Plunge

The Plunge is the ultimate cold tub solution for anyone looking to cool off with ice-cold water year-round.

With easy setup and installation, this product is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and provides a fully insulated and condensation-free experience.

Plus, with these ice baths you don’t have to worry about doing any difficult maintenance – all you need is a dedicated outlet to get started!

And if your climate is particularly hot, the Plunge Pro add-on ensures that you’ll be able to keep extra chilled out throughout the day. 

Plus, thanks to its superior construction materials, your Plunge tub will stay durable no matter how often you use it.

This makes it ideal for those who want a long-term cold tub option that won’t require expensive repairs or replacement parts over time.

(This is the ice bath tub seen on shark tank by the way.)

So you’re looking for an instant pick-me-up or an easy way to soothe sore muscles after a workout session – The Plunge has got you covered!

Cost: $4,990.00-$7,490

ice bath tub

Best Aesthetic Ice Bath

Kooru Cold Plunge

Kooru Cold Plunge cold water therapy tub offers several benefits for those looking to relax and rejuvenate.

The premium ice bath tub features an innovative design that is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly efficient.

The control panel/chiller orientation allows for easy operation, while the dedicated electric outlet makes it easy to keep the system running smoothly.

Additionally, the tub has a capacity of 60 gallons and weighs 400 lbs without water, so it is a fairly heavy option.

The wood finish is available in multiple options, so customers can find the one that best matches their décor.

Additionally, if positioned in an area with good drainage, regular cleaning will only take minimal effort. 

Kooru Cold Plunge ice bath experience provides users with numerous health benefits as well.

Studies have shown that taking regular plunges can reduce inflammation in muscles and joints, improve circulation throughout the body, boost the immune system, and fight fatigue.

Taking a cold plunge bath can also help strengthen your cardiovascular system by slowing your heart rate and increasing oxygen levels in the bloodstream optimizing blood flow. 

Overall, Kooru Cold Plunge cold plunge tubs are an excellent addition to any home or business looking to add luxurious relaxation and therapeutic health benefits into their daily lives.

With their attractive design, efficient operation, and minimal maintenance requirements, these tubs will make any space look like a high-end spa experience!

Cost: $10,499.00-$10,799.00 with or without cover

Molli Lou’s Marbles

I am a sucker for versatility and modular options, as well as creative features that make something unique. As you check out all these ice baths, figure out which of these cool features stick out to you the most!

What To Know Before Your First Cold Plunge

Cold plunges may seem intimidating at first, but they are a great way to improve your overall health.

The key to cold exposure is taking it slow and knowing what to expect before you take the plunge.

For cold plunge pros, cold exposure is all about being mindful of the cold and mentally preparing yourself for what’s ahead.

That means starting with cold showers and gradually progressing up to cold plunges when you’re ready.

It’s important to never overdo it either; start with a few minutes or even seconds at a time and work your way up as your body adapts.

Once you feel comfortable in cold temperatures, you’ll start seeing even more benefits from cold exposure- just make sure to wear clothes that will keep you warm afterward!

The Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof Method has been scientifically studied and shown to have beneficial effects on the body. It includes breathing techniques, cold exposure, and commitment.

The breathing techniques involve a series of rapid inhalations and exhalations done in short bursts that help to build up carbon dioxide levels, increase oxygen intake, and create a relaxed state of mind.

Cold exposure can include cold showers, ice baths, or taking a dip in cold bodies of water such as lakes or streams.

This helps the body adapt and become more resilient to extreme temperatures.

Commitment is an important part of the method as well; dedicating yourself to consistently practicing the breathing exercises and exposing yourself to cold temperatures can help bring about positive psychological changes as well as physical ones.

Studies have also shown that practicing the Wim Hof Method can boost white blood cell count, which plays an important role in immunity and fighting off disease.

Additionally, using an ice bath tub has been linked with improved mood, increased alertness and concentration, along with better sleep patterns.

Over time, repeated practice of this method can help people become more tolerant of extreme temperatures and develop a stronger connection between their body and mind.

Final Thoughts On Choosing An Ice Bath Tub

In conclusion, ice baths can both provide a cold therapy option to athletes and people recovering from surgery.

When looking at ice baths, be sure to consider the size, weight capacity, insulation, temperature settings, and portability you’re going to need.

The most important factor is how it fulfills your needs — if you plan on using it regularly then investing in a better-quality product will pay off in the long run.

Actual ice cubes are the best choice when filling any type of container with cold water for an ice bath or soak.

Ultimately, each person’s situation varies so researching to find what works best for you is essential.

Ice Bath Tub 
Cold Plunge


Can you use your bathtub at home in your bathroom for taking an ice bath? What’s makes these ice baths so special?

Many people prefer to do some old-fashioned winter swimming, which can be fantastic, or it can be dangerous.

If you choose the natural route, have safe ways to warm up quickly if necessary, like a sleeping bag don’t go alone, and make sure it’s a safe location where you won’t become trapped under the ice.

Ice baths are great for cold therapy, but many people mistakenly think that you can use your bathtub to get the same benefit.

It’s possible, but not as easy to do because you likely can’t get a full submersion in your typical home tub.

Some people actually just use an old chest freezer or a stock tank as an ice bath.

Cold showers often help with muscle recovery, but for a quicker and more sustained cold shock – an effective cold plunge pool is what you need.

Not only is it designed to gradually reduce muscle and joint inflammation, but it’s also the safest and most comfortable way to cool down after an intense workout or competition.

Don’t settle for cold showers when you could be enjoying the many benefits of a real ice bath tub!

What temperature is ideal for a cold plunge?

If you’re wondering what temperature is ideal for taking a cold plunge, I’ve got an answer for ya.

The best temperature for using ice baths should be somewhere around 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now don’t just jump in straight away, I recommend lowering your body into the water gradually, so you can get adjusted to the temperature without shocking your system too hard.

Also, you should probably at least wear a bathing suit, and socks and gloves to protect your skin with extra insulation.

Trust me, it’s far safer that way!

How long should you sit in an ice tub to get the full health benefits, and how long is too long?

So the question is, how long should you sit in an ice tub?

Well, truthfully it all depends on what physical and mental health state you find yourself in.

This can vary greatly depending on which physical activity you’re actively engaging in.

If you find yourself stuck, I’d suggest 3 minutes to start with while making sure it’s still a comfortable experience for your body to handle.

As uncomfortable as ice baths might seem, it can be an incredible physical and mental recovery tool that even some of the world’s best athletes rely on for peak performance.

That being said, rarely will anyone ever linger too much longer than 10-15 minutes – as pushing beyond that timeframe offers diminishing returns – but find that sweet spot within your physical and mental limits to achieve the best ice bath experience possible.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Ice Baths and how can using one become dangerous?

Although there are some potential benefits to taking ice baths, there are also significant risks associated with this practice that should be considered before taking part. 

One of the most serious risks associated with cold exposure is frostbite, a condition caused by prolonged exposure to very cold temperatures that result in tissue damage.

Symptoms can range from reddened skin and prickling sensations to numbness and even blisters.

In severe cases, the tissue can become necrotic (dead) and require amputation.

Another risk posed by cold exposure is hypothermia, which occurs when a persons body temperature drops below 95°F (35°C).

Symptoms may include confusion, slurred speech, shallow breathing, irritability, drowsiness, and eventually unconsciousness.

Hypothermia can be fatal if left untreated.

In addition to these more serious conditions, there are other potential risks associated with taking ice baths.

Prolonged periods of cold exposure in ice baths can cause an increase in blood pressure and heart rate as well as an irregular heartbeat known as arrhythmia.

In some cases, this can lead to palpitations or even a heart attack due to decreased oxygen supply to the heart muscle caused by narrowed blood vessels.

Taking an ice bath has also been linked to increased levels of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which could potentially impair performance over time if not properly managed.

Finally, while taking regular ice baths may help boost immunity in the short term by stimulating white blood cell production; frequent cold exposure can weaken your immune system over time due to its suppressing effect on inflammation and other protective mechanisms within the body.

Therefore those considering taking ice baths must understand all of these potential risks so they can make an informed decision about their safety and well-being when engaging in such activities.

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