107 Affordable ADHD Tools For Adults

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If you have adult ADHD, you know that every day can be a challenge.

From coping with overstimulation to finding ways to focus, it feels like everything is constantly working against you.

But don’t give up! There are plenty of products, ADHD tools, and services out there that can help make ADHD adult life a little bit easier.

In this article, we will discuss ADHD tools for adults to navigate their ADHD symptoms.

We hope that you find something that works for you!

What Are The Best ADHD Tools for Adults?

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So you want to make your life with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder easier? Here are some of the best ADHD tools and services to work with your ADHD brain.

Phone Accessories

ADHD Tools

It’s no secret that our phones have become an integral part of our lives. Providing us both with benefits and difficulties, smart phones have become both one of the best ADHD tools, and the worst ADHD tools of all time.

We rely on them for everything from keeping us entertained to staying connected with loved ones.

But as much as we love our phones, there are still some things about them that can be frustrating. For example, dead batteries and dropped calls are common annoyances. But there are now several phone accessories that can help to alleviate these problems.

If you’re constantly worrying about your dead battery, portable chargers can give you the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll always be able to stay connected.

So next time you’re feeling frustrated with your phone, consider using one of these helpful accessories.

1.) Magsafe wallet pop socket

2.) MagSafe Phone Case

3.) Screen protector

4.) Charging station

Sensory and Stimulation

ADHD Tools
Overstimulation and Overload

It’s no secret that managing adult ADHD can be a challenge.

Even the simplest tasks can feel overwhelming, and keeping up with the demands of daily life can be exhausting.

In the early days of my diagnosis, I was often overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information I had to process.

Every day felt like a new learning curve, and I quickly became bogged down in the details.

However, I soon realized that managing my ADHD didn’t have to be so complicated.

By focusing on sensory and stimulation management, I was able to simplify my life and reduce my stress levels. In come the ADHD tools.

In short, managing my ADHD has been a journey of trial and error. But by making small changes and being mindful of my needs, I’ve finally found a way to live a more manageable and enjoyable life.

5.) Noise-canceling headphones

6.) White noise machine

7.) Calm Strips

8.) Spinner ring

9.) Fluid Stance (balance boards)

10.) Shapewear for pressure

11.) Smart switches

12.) Hue lights

13.) Acupressure mat/ shakti mat

14.) Blackout sensory tent

15.) Theraswing

16.) Mindful fidget wearable wrist fidget

17.) Theraspecs

Subscription Boxes

ADHD Tools

Something is intriguing about subscription boxes.

They’re like little mystery packages that show up on your doorstep each month, filled with surprises.

What will be inside? Will you love it or hate it?

The suspense is part of the appeal.

For people with attention deficit disorder (ADHD), subscription boxes can be a great way to get new, interesting products and services delivered right to their doorsteps.

With so many choices out there, it can be hard to know where to start.

But don’t worry, we’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the best subscription boxes for adults with ADHD.

So go ahead and try out a few (or all!) of these great attention-deficit-friendly boxes, filled with some new ADHD tools to try out!

18.) Therabox subscription box

19.) Sensory box subscription box 

20.) Brainfetti subscription box

Mental and Physical Health

ADHD Tools

Everybody knows that physical health is important for overall well-being, but mental health is just as essential.

Good mental health can help you to cope with stress, make positive choices, and see failures as opportunities to learn and grow.

Unfortunately, mental health is often overlooked in favor of physical health, which can lead to a decline in self-esteem and an increased risk of problems.

Just as you would not neglect your physical health, it is important to take care of your mental health as well.

Make time for activities that make you happy, talk to someone you trust about your worries, and celebrate your successes, large and small.

By taking care of all aspects of your health, you will be better equipped to handle whatever life throws your way. The best kind if ADHD tools are ones that increase your bandwidth!

21.) Muse

22.) Ark crystal 

23.) Verilux happy light with countdown timer

24.) Apollo

25.) Fitbit sense

26.) Mindlift

27.) Hidratespark

28.) Calmigo

29.) Oculus

30.) Innosphere

Organization and Structure

ADHD Tools

For some people, the organization is a way of life. They live and breathe by their command centers and paper trails, always staying one step ahead of the game.

For others, it’s more of a struggle to keep things in order.

Whether you’re a natural-born neat freak or you have to work harder at it, being organized is important. There are ADHD tools that work for both ends of the scale.

After all, without it, things quickly descend into chaos.

Our homes are more livable when we have a place for everything and everything in its place.

So how do we achieve this ideal state of the organization?

Well, that’s different for everyone.

Some people swear by color-coded systems, while others prefer to keep things simple with a minimalist approach.

The important thing is to find what works for you and stick with it.

After all, the better organized you are, and the simpler it is, the more likely you will be able to maintain it. Which of these ADHD tools will simplify your life?

31.) Command Center

32.) Hypr-3

33.) Space Pak

34.) Natico decision maker

35.) Hanging organizer/heavy-duty storage pocket chart

36.) Homepod mini

37.) Voice control amazon show screen

39.) Bionic reading

38.) Foldable storage boxes

40.) Love sac

Lost and Forgotten Prevention

ADHD Tools
Where am I? Who am I?

Being forgetful can be frustrating.

You misplace your keys, forget someone’s name, or failed to turn off the oven.

While occasional memory lapses are normal, chronic forgetfulness can create more serious problems.

People with ADHD often forget things because they are under so much stress. Managing stress can help alleviate the impact of your forgetfulness

It is important to take breaks throughout the day to relieve stress. Taking a few minutes to relax will help you clear your mind and improve your focus.

By managing your stress, you can help prevent lost and forgotten items.

For everything else, here are some ADHD tools to help you prevent losing or forgetting the things you need to function at your best.

41.) Tile Trackers 

42.) Command hooks (keys/purse)

43.) Keeper Security

44.) August wifi smart lock


ADHD Tools
Get an extra hand or two

Hiring someone to do tasks for you can be a great way to save time and resources.

The obvious benefit is that you don’t have to do the task yourself. But there are other, less obvious benefits as well.

For one thing, you can use the resources of the person you hire to get the job done more efficiently.

For example, if you need to have your yard cleaned up, you can hire a gardener who already has all the necessary equipment.

In addition, by hiring someone to do a task for you, you can free up your own time to focus on more important tasks.

So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, remember that hiring someone to help out counts as ADHD tools thats a smart solution.

45.) Freshly meal delivery

46.) Car detailing

47.) A virtual assistant (task bullet affiliate) 

48.) House Cleaner/Organizer

Supplements and Medication

ADHD Tools

If you have ADHD, you’re probably no stranger to impulsive behavior and the struggle to stay focused.

One option is medication, which can be taken in pill form. If you’re not fond of taking medication, some supplements can help with ADHD symptoms.

These include omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and medicinal mushrooms.

In addition, some tools can help you remember to take your medication. For example, you can set reminders on your phone or use a pillbox so you know when and if you’ve taken what you need to.

With a little bit of planning, you can find the treatment that works best for you to help you manage your ADHD symptoms.

(Lions Mane Mushroom is my absolute go to ADHD tools meet plant medicine!)

49.) Lions mane (mushroom revival affiliate)

50.) Magnesium

51.) Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids

52.) Hero smart medication dispenser

53.) Keychain pill container

54.) Ritual Multivitamin (has the best form of folate!)

Work and Office

ADHD Tools
Make Work your JAM by using ADHD tools to keep you in FLOW

Many people with ADHD find it difficult to be efficient and productive in a traditional work environment.

If you’re one of them, don’t despair – there are several work and office ADHD tools that can help you manage your ADHD and stay on task.

One active strategy that can be helpful is to get up and move around frequently throughout the day.

This can help to increase blood flow and keep your mind from wandering.

54.) Vari electric standing desk

55.) Balance ball chair

57.) Tumaz wobble cushion

58.) Mac products -iPhone, Mac, and watch all Sync up!

59.) Caveday


ADHD Tools
Apps to Help

If you’re one of the many people struggling to feel successful in life with ADHD, there’s some good news: you’re not alone.

There are plenty of apps out there that can help. They are one of the most talked about ADHD tools out there.

From basic task management tools to more comprehensive life-tracking apps, there’s a wide range of technology tools that can help you stay on top of things.

While no app can magically make all your ADHD symptoms disappear, it can help you get a handle on your day-to-day life.

So if you’re looking for a little help managing your ADHD, be sure to check out some of the many great apps that are available.

60.) Blinksy

61.) Simple mind pro- mind mapping

62.) Evernote

63.) Remember the milk

64.) Asana

65.) Spike app

66.) Waze (car finding!)

67.) Headspace

68.) Balanced app

69.) Habatica- gamification

70.) Lumosity

71.) Inflow

Time Management

ADHD tools
Work with the Prison known as Time

There are a lot of things that can interfere with our ability to stay on task and use our time wisely.

For people with ADHD, these distractions can be even more difficult to manage.

One way to minimize distractions is to use electronic reminders.

Digital ADHD tools aren’t for every ADHDer, but theres options that are a little more tangible available as well.

Whether it’s setting an alarm on your phone or using a timer, having a reminder can help you stay focused on the task at hand.

Having a clear overview of what needs to be done can help you prioritize your time and focus on the most important tasks.

 Managing time effectively can be a challenge, but some tools can make it easier.

Here are some tools that can help you better navigate your time blindness.

72.) Revibe connect

73.) Visual timer

74.) Watchminder 

75.) Moving alarm clock

76.) Shower clock radio

77.) Sunrise Alarm Clock

Dental Health

ADHD Tools

For people with ADHD, dental health can be a challenge.

Sensory issues and forgetfulness can make it difficult to keep up with brushing and flossing, and executive dysfunction can make it hard to follow through with appointments and manage medical records.

Using these ADHD tools for oral health can help make dental care easier for people with ADHD.

78.) Oral b genius

79.) Sonic brush pro

80.) Water flosser

81.) Hum toothbrush


ADHD Tools
If only it actually looked like this…

Anyone who’s ever cooked a meal or cleaned a house knows that it can be a lot of work.

There are to-do lists to make, messes to clean up, and often not enough time or executive functioning to get everything done.

But there are some ADHD tools and services out there that can make cooking and cleaning easier. And of course, having the right tools for the job is essential.

So if you’re looking to make cooking and cleaning easier, be sure to check out some of these products and services. They just might save you some time and prevent overwhelm.

82.) Durahome food storage (interchangeable lids)

83.) Rice cooker

84.) Instant pot

85.) Instant cart

86.) Kitchen pot rack

87.) Ember mug

88.) Portable Dishwasher/ Countertop Dishwasher

Bedroom and Sleep

ADHD Tools
I am not a morning person. Are you?

Many adults with ADHD find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

However, there are a few ADHD tools and actions that can help promote better sleep. One is to establish a regular sleep schedule and stick to it as much as possible.

Another important step is to create a sleep environment that is dark, quiet, and comfortable. This means avoiding electronic screens in the bedroom and making sure the mattress and pillows are supportive.

For other sleep problems, here are some product-based solutions.

89.) Chilisleep

90.) Pod 3 mattress cover

91.) Weighted blanket

92.) Sleep headphones

93.) Blue light glasses

94.) Bed tent


Are you a sock person or not a sock person?

There are few things in life more frustrating than a to-do list that seems to never end.

One of the items on that list is usually “clean the floors.”

But who has the time or energy to scrub floors after a long day?

There are now many products on the market that claim to clean floors with the least amount of effort.

So take a load off your to-do list and give yourself a break by letting one of these ADHD tools do the work for you.

95.) Swiffer wet jet

96.) Smart vacuum

97.) Bissel spin-wave hard floor expert robot

98.) Shop-Vac wet/dry vac


ADHD Tools
If only it was this simple… what happens after the folding?

There’s no denying that laundry is a chore.

However, there are a few simple tips that can help make the process easier.

Keeping track of what needs to be washed using easy systems can help you to stay organized and avoid doing extra loads.

Having easy systems you like to use can help you stick to the basics that make always having clean underwear a reasonable goal.

By trying these ADHD tools, doing laundry can be a breeze.

(or well, it can get easy enough so you can learn how to tackle it)

99.) Tide to-go pens

100.) Foldable laundry board

101.) Stackable laundry baskets

Note Taking and Planners

ADHD Tools
How many notebooks have you started?

Anyone who’s ever tried to take notes in class or keep a paper planner knows the frustration of watching their carefully written plans dwindle into a scattering of half-finished tasks and doodles.

For people with ADHD, these failures can be especially discouraging. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

With a little bit of effort and creativity, anyone can make use of these tools to improve their focus and stay on top of their commitments.

One of the best ways to get started is to find one of these ADHD tools that works for you.

This may take some trial and error, but it’s worth it to find something that you’ll want to use.

Once you have your planner, find the best time daily to look at your planner, write things in your planner ASAP, and keep your planner in a high-traffic area where it’s visible to you.

I would also recommend having a snack or drink that you enjoy while you look at your planner. This will create a positive association with looking at your planner or journal and give you dopamine in response. This will make it easier to continue to do so in the future.

Finally, don’t forget to use your notes and journaling as a way to track your progress and celebrate your successes!

With a little bit of effort, (or a lot of effort for some of us) anyone can make these tools work for them. Below are my recommendations for you to check out, and see if they feel like a good fit for you!

102.) Reading pen- digital highlighter

103.) Rocket notebook

104.) Smartpen

105.) Aquanotes

106.) Franklin planner

107.) Panda planner

What helps ADHD in adults?

For any adult trying to stay on top of things, organization is key, but for those with ADHD, it can be a total game changer.

The trick is to find ADHD tools that work for you as an individual, specifically.

Having a family calendar to keep track of appointments and activities can help ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

A well-crafted command center can help keep you stay aware of what tasks need to be done, while an emergency stash of snacks and drinks can help you power through any sudden bouts of restlessness or forgetfulness.

Of course, no system is perfect, and there will always be days when things don’t go according to plan, but by taking a few simple steps to get organized, you can help make life with ADHD a little bit easier.

What else helps with ADHD in adults?

If you’re an adult with ADHD, you’re probably used to people giving you well-meaning but ultimately unhelpful advice like “just try harder” or “put your phone down.”

Task managers can help you break down big projects into smaller, more manageable steps, and electronic calendars can remind you of important deadlines and appointments.

While there’s no magic cure for ADHD, these ADHD tools can help you stay organized and on track. So next time someone tells you to just try harder, hand them your task manager and ask them to help you out. (I’m also not convinced even if there was a “magic cure” for ADHD I would take it. Once we earn how to navigate as an ADHDer in a neurotypical world, and with the help of these ADHD tools, I wouldn’t change it for the world.)


I hope you found this guide helpful in better understanding some of the challenges you may face as an adult with ADHD and how to manage them.

Remember, stay focused on your goals the best you can by remembering why they matter to you specifically in the first place and don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed.

There are plenty of tools and resources out there to help you stay on track and complete tasks, even if you don’t have a great support system from the people in your life.

With a little planning and patience with yourself, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

May the odds ever be in your favor!

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